This page will provide links to useful articles, books and people that have either been useful to me professionally, academically or in writing my blog.


First up is the public order bible, the first and last point of reference for all legal public order questions

Public Order Law and Practice

Next is the most authoritative account of the English Riots 2011, by the two most respected academics in this area, Cliff Stott and Steve Reicher, currently only 99p in Amazon

Mad Mobs and Englishmen?


The Scottish Institute of Police Research is an invaluable resource providing links between practioners and academics, arranging conferences and seminars and funding and supporting research.


I am interested in how this site develops – Scottish Police History


Dixon of Devonshire Green? Dialogue Policing at the Sheffield Liberal Democrat Conference’ Gorringe, Stott and Rosie

Sheffield police use Twitter in crowd control

Just there for a Ruck? Violence and Non-Violence in Protest Policibg during the 2005 G8 – Hugo Gorringe and Michael Rosie


Steve Reicher, from St Andrews University, is a highly respected academic, who co-authored ‘Mad Mobs and Englishmen?’ along with Cliff Stott of the University of Liverpool. Stott’s work in the area of crowd psychology and policing football has been highly influential to me.

Hugo Gorringe and Michael Rosie’s work on the policing of protests surrounding the G8 conference in Scotland, 2005, is the leading uniquely Scottish study of protest and underpinned my Master’s research.

My journey into blogging was inspired by three people, Michael Brown, who’s blog I aspire to, Mental Health Cop, @MentalHealthCop, PC Kate Parker, @NWPKateParker, from North Wales Police who’s challenge gave me the final push and my proof reader PC Fiona Wilson, @BridgendPC


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