We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know

This blog by Mental Health Cop provides an excellent operational example of the decision making before and the debriefing after a use of force incident and is very relevant to the two blogs I have written on the subject. It is a particularly useful example of the difficulties caused by unknown unknowns.

Mental Health Cop

This whole blog and various specific tales within it are testimony to my interest in, my commitment to and my passion to widen awareness about mental health issues within the police; and about policing challenges in our society when officers deal with mental health issues in various forms.

A few months ago, I was posted to a duty involving my second police passion: public order policing.  I was posted as police commander for a large cultural event in Birmingham.  Within that event, there was to be much singing, dancing, music as well as food stalls, bars and other entertainment.  It was more than a local event, it attracted well-known musical entertainers who have topped the charts and have a large following.  We were expecting potentially tens of thousands of attendees.  The whole event was a great – a family atmosphere, a community policing style where officers were enforcing little, ensuring…

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About PoliceGeek

I am a police sergeant with a strong interest in policing public order, both professionally and academically. I love ultra running and seeking new challenges
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