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August 2011

My blogs have, up until now, been about policing contentious protest. However, the past week has seen news reports of convictions for those involved in disorder (BBC News 31/05; Police Oracle 31/05) and reports of further arrests linked to it. … Continue reading

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‘Losing by Appearing to Win’

This blog has been written following comment on a previous blog, The Cycle of Conflict, by Dr Clifford Stott. It is not a definitive answer or academically based, but my thoughts and observations, intended to engender debate and discussion, I … Continue reading

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The Cycle of Conflict

This blog has been amended following comment from Dr Clifford Stott, whose feedback I am indebted for. The amendments are in the second last paragraph One of the public order commanders I work with regularly has a favourite quote which … Continue reading

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Negotiation and Protest

As a young police officer, I was once told that the most effective weapon a police officer has is their tongue and when it comes to policing protest early and effective dialogue has proven to be an effective method of … Continue reading

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Policing Protest and Human Rights

‘I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it’ Voltaire Introduction Scotland has a long history of contentious parades and protests, industrial disputes, civil rights, anti-war, loyalist/republican parades and recently the … Continue reading

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